A dress for lounging

Today I want to share the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever owned, made from a heavy cotton knit I found years ago at Mood in NYC. I loved this fabric and decided to buy it the minute I touched it, but didn’t know what make. The knit was too wonderful to leave on a shelf while I figured it out, so I’ve actually been using it as an extra blanket for the past two years!

In my research on fashion sustainability, one of the most repeated and easily addressed (from my perspective) issues is garment care. Washing, drying and ironing a garment after purchase often uses more water and energy than the production process! My closet is full of clothing I love, but it’s lacking in casual, hard-wearing pieces. Trying to make my style and minimum-care fit together was challenging, but I’m very happy with the result.


What I wanted was a blanket I could wear as a dress while still looking fun and cute.  It needed to resist wrinkling or stretching out of shape even after evenings stretched out on the ground or hours spent traveling.  I decided this cotton knit would be perfect, sewn into a pared-down take on a 60s swing dress.


When I took these pictures, I had already worn this dress for several Friday nights in with the boyfriend and all throughout the holidays at home. You can see it has held its shape impressively and is just starting to show signs of needing a wash. As a bonus – the fabric is a beautiful faded green color with a nubby texture that will age beautifully. This is a dress I’ll be wearing for winters to come and hopefully even be able to pass on to someone else!


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