Dutch Label Shop

I’ve thought about buying personalized labels for a couple of years now, but have never found a really good reason to do so. I always spent the money on more fabric instead. However, I recently found a great reason to get labels – I want to start consigning the clothes that no longer fit my style.

With sustainability in mind (and improved sewing skills), I’m finally spending the time to make each of my creations durable and beautiful, even on the inside. I want to wear each piece for years and then feel comfortable passing it on to someone else. I like thinking that with these tags, whoever wears each garment next will know a little about me and know how to care for it.

I want to encourage whoever next owns my wool sweaters and silk dresses to clean them sustainably.  With these tags, they’ll know they can hand wash without significantly affecting the appearance of each piece.

These Dutch Label Shop labels were reasonably priced, look great and had exactly the level of customization I needed.  I got 50 basic woven labels and 50 care labels, but you can buy as few as 30 at a time.  Their design process is very simple; it took me under an hour to order my labels (and it only took that long because I was so indecisive).  You create your own text, then choose from a number of colors, fonts and images.  I love the way these Handmade by Serena labels turned out!


I do wish they had a slightly smaller option for the care tag, and perhaps a different material.  Depending on where it’s placed, I’ve found the edges to be very slightly irritating.

Overall, as a home sewer, I had a great experience with Dutch Label Shop, so I hope they eventually expand and offer more “basic” options.  I found Dutch Label Shop through reviews from bloggers like Peneloping, Girls in the Garden and Gingerella.  There are a lot more beautiful examples floating around if you want to search!

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